Thursday, August 01, 2002

My Father, the Terrorist - I dropped my parents off at the airport (SFO) this afternoon, nearly 90 minutes ahead of the planned departure time for the flight back to Newark (NJ). That may sound early to you, but the airlines today are asking passengers to arrive at the airport at least one hour and in some cases up to three hours before departure time. In the past ten days, my parents been on airplanes or at airports for nearly a full 24 hours! Unfortunately for them, flying is becoming an increasingly unpleasant experience, mostly due to the ridiculous demands of the government morons in charge of airport security.

My parents are both senior citizens—my father is 77 and my mother is 68—and aside from infants and children under five travelling without a parent, are probably the least likely candidates to hijack a plane. But ignoring common sense, airport security personnel have twice in the past week selected my father on which to perform a full luggage and body search. For reasons of political correctness, the government security bureaucracy has chosen not to use racial, criminal or ethnic profiling to screen passengers as potential threats. As a result, security guards not even qualified to work at Taco Bell or Wendy’s—now government employees, thanks to recent legislation—are searching Grandma and Grandpa for weapons, making a mockery of the entire process.

Former Senator and Presidential candidate George McGovern gives his two cents on the lunacy of the current system in the Wall Street Journal. However, McGovern and other liberals like him deserve most of the blame, since they espouse the heavy-hand of government and political correctness that is at the root of the airport security problem. He gets no sympathy from me.


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