Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Meet the Grandparents - My parents have been busy since we returned from Las Vegas. They’ve had dinner with Jenny’s parents three times—twice at home and once at a restaurant—and they’ve visited my cousin Lei-Lei along with their good friends the Wu’s from Taiwan (both living in San Jose). They’ve also gone shopping in San Francisco twice and once in Oakland. I’ve put on quite a few miles on my car shuttling them back and forth, but quite gladly. I’m very happy they're here, as I only get to see them twice a year since I moved to California five years ago.

Of course they’re very pleased about meeting their 6th grandchild Russell for the first time, but I also think they’re happy to be able to see relatives and old friends during this trip. It was good to see them swapping stories about life in China and Taiwan and catching up with recent developments. I even have my father convinced that I should buy a vacation house in Las Vegas so they could hang out there during the winter and meet with friends and relatives in Sin City. Now if I can only convince Jenny to come with me on a scouting trip for Las Vegas real estate.

During my parents’ visit to California, Russell began smiling regularly for the first time. You can see new pictures of the happy baby here. He’s six weeks old.


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