Sunday, August 11, 2002

Weekend Warrior - For the first time in three years, I paddled with a dragon boat team in competition--this time at the Oakland International Dragon Boat Festival. I found out on Thursday that the Dragon Warriors had an open slot on their Number Three boat, and I immediately accepted the offer to paddle with the team on Saturday. I know a good number of the veteran members of the team, so I felt comfortable joining them, if only for a day. Brett was supposed to go with me, but he wimped out at the last minute, citing a need for more sleep.

The best thing about dragon boating is not actually racing, but hanging out with the team before, between and after the races. During a day of racing, a dragon boat team is out on a boat for only about an hour, so the rest of the day is spent relaxing, socializing, and gorging out on the huge spread of food that every brings to share. Since I "retired" from dragon boat paddling three years ago, I've found that I especially miss the social outlet that dragon boating provided--not to mention the exercise that I desperately need. Perhaps I can make another comeback next year.

Tomorrow, I return to work after a two month hiatus. It will be strange to wake up again to the sound of an alarm, and to have to wear more than the shorts and t-shirts that have been my wardrobe during my parental leave. Getting a paycheck once again will be nice, but I will miss the relaxed feeling I had hanging out at home with Jenny all day. Most of all, I will miss seeing Russell grow up from morning until night. Tomorrow, Russell will be two months old.


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