Monday, September 16, 2002

It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry - In the four years since United Nations weapons inspectors were kicked out of Iraq, the Iraqi nuclear weapons program has reconstituted itself and is now on the verge of producing nuclear weapons within months. To complicate matters further, Saddam's nuclear assembly line is concealed in underground buildings and basements that are virtually impossible to detect using conventional means.

Are these the rantings of the hawkish Bush Administration? No, they're the conclusion of Dr. Khidir Hamza, the director of Iraq's nuclear weapons program before he defected in 1994. Dr. Hamza has already testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with his information, so the cries of
Where's the evidence?" coming from several key Senate DemonRATS is disconcerting. What will it take for these modern-day Neville Chamberlains to come to their senses? Perhaps a hundred thousand dead Americans.


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