Friday, August 30, 2002

how much food does a man need - i am fat, gigantic, enormous and overweight. as an incentive to lose weight, jenny has offered to go to las vegas with me as long as i lose 20 pounds. at the official weigh-in this morning--after i had done my business--the scale showed that i weighed 191 lbs. this is almost exactly what i weighed before russell was born. back in 1995, i lost 30 lbs. in one month after telling my blind date over the phone that i weighed 150 lbs. at the time, i weighed 180. after a month eating nothing but watermelon and crouching over an exercise bike, i reached my target weight just in time for the blind date.

believe me, i don't plan to use the same drastic measures as before, but the incentive this time is even more compelling.


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