Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Either You Are For Us Or You Are For the Terrorists

For nine hours today, the Senate heard from the dreaded trio of Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, as Democrats continued to obstruct the nomination of Condoleezza Rice.

Senate Democrats today attacked the nomination of Condoleezza Rice to be secretary of State, saying she had misled or even lied in order to sell the American public and the Congress on the need for war against Iraq.

While Rice was expected to win confirmation easily in a Senate vote scheduled for Wednesday, Senate staff members said that at least 10, and as many as 20 senators, were expected to vote against her nomination. If so, Rice would be the first secretary of State not to win unanimous confirmation since 1981, when six senators voted against the nomination of Alexander M. Haig.

However, the Senate Democratic leadership did not attempt to rally votes against Rice, who was described even by her fiercest critics as impeccably qualified for the job, a candidate with an inspiring personal history, and an official who will be known to speak with the president's voice when talking to foreign leaders.
This is really about trying to whip up the Islamofascists in Iraq into a frenzy of terror and murder before the elections. The Democrats believe they can only succeed by causing the failure of the Bush Administration's effort in Iraq. These Senators are traitors, using this platform to stir up support for the terrorists. I feel sorry for our brave troops because everyone of these soundbites is intended to provide support and encouragement for every soldier of Islam seeking to kill a GI.

The left-wing of the Democratic Party now wants democracy to fail in Iraq. They are reliving the 1960s, thinking that they can use the willing media to manipulate America as they did with their Vietnam lies and distortions and selective reporting. This is one despicable group in the Senate. They will go overboard, as they always do. Save what they say, it will destroy them and their party in the coming years.


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