Thursday, April 07, 2005

Best Wishes for Peter Jennings

My father and I both have been keeping up on news about ABC News anchor Peter Jennings' lung cancer diagnosis. Since Jennings is starting chemotherapy next week, it appears that his cancer is in the relatively late stages. As much as I disagree with Jennings' news reporting, I wish him the best as he fights this disease. He's in for a very difficult time. Mr. Jennings will be in my prayers.

In a discussion with my father on Jennings, I have come to realize how informed my father is about his own situation, and with lung cancer in general. He has read about all the latest advances in cancer therapy, and is familiar with the prescribed treatment regimens for all stages of lung cancer. I mentioned the names of two new cancer drugs recently approved by the FDA, and he knew about these medicines and the way they work to halt the growth of cancereous cells.

I am thrilled to see my father taking charge of his health and cancer treatment, because only he is capable of making the decisions that have such a huge impact on his life. Throughout this ordeal, he certainly hasn't lost hope and has been on the money with each of the informed decisions made thusfar. I'm really proud of my father, and the Reagan-like manner in which he's getting things done.


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