Monday, March 20, 2006

We're Back!

The Fabulous Brewster Boys are back! Posted by Picasa

After an ordeal that lasted over a week, all of us are now healthy and back at 100% of pre-stomach virus strength. The whole episode started when Russell apparently caught a stomach flu bug from a classmate at school and threw up in bed 9 days ago--on my birthday. In addition to vomiting everything he ate or drank for 24 hours, Russell also had diarrhea that lasted 5 days. Russell then passed on the illness to both me and Punky on Monday.

I can tell you that I have rarely felt worse than during the first 24 hours of this latest illness. I ended up missing two days of work, and Russell four days of school. Jenny, who was the only one not stricken by the bug, was going crazy from all the puking and poop-filled diapers surrounding her. Despite the situation, we resisted the urge to call Jenny's mom for temporary help. No need dragging her into our situation where she could get sick herself.

Now that we are all well, the boys are finally eating and sleeping normally and we can get some rest. We even had a chance to visit the SF Flower & Garden Show on Saturday.

On his best behavior, Russell admires the garden displays at the Cow Palace Posted by Picasa

Punky holds onto a flower from an admirer at the garden show Posted by Picasa

Russell enjoys the miniature train and garden display at the SF Flower & Garden Show Posted by Picasa


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