Sunday, February 26, 2006

They Might Be Giants

My good friends Ken and Paula held a Red Egg & Ginger Party for their newborn daughter Madison this Sunday. For me, this meant a couple of hours in San Francisco spent with dragon boat friends sans Brewster Boys. I did not bring Jenny or the Brewster Boys because Jenny was feeling unwell, and the Brewster Boys had just performed the ever-popular double meltdown.

The Mount Rushmore of Dragon Boating was there (see photo below), including the John Adams and Thomas Jefferson of our organization--Brett and Brian. As for me, I consider myself to be the Benjamin Franklin and Howard Cosell of Dragon Boating, as I never served as President of the California Dragon Boat Association, yet played an integral part in its founding and development. I am also sometimes referred to as the William Randolph Hearst of Dragon Boating.

I saw a lot of old friends there, and many of them had married and had kids. It was like old times at the Canton Restaurant, with the Who's Who of Dragon Boating there to celebrate the arrival of the latest dragon boater.

The Dynamic Duo - Brett and Brian at Ken & Paula's Red Egg/Ginger Party Posted by Picasa

The Mt. Rushmore of Dragon Boating: Wu, Byers, Danforth and Leung Posted by Picasa

Ken, Paula and Baby Madison at their Red Egg & Ginger Party in San Francisco Posted by Picasa


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