Thursday, March 02, 2006

Moonbat Teacher Takes Refuge in My Hometown

The liberal rot from America's institutions of higher learning has infected my hometown. From Parsippany, New Jersey, comes the news that "teachers" at Parsippany High School are conducting a "trial" of President Bush for war crimes and torture. To be perfectly honest, I'm actually from next-door Whippany, but Parsippany is literally 4 or 5 blocks from my parents' house. The Daily Record (NJ) reports:

President Bush is being tried for "crimes against civilian populations" and "inhumane treatment of prisoners" at Parsippany High School, with students arguing both sides before a five-teacher "international court of justice." The panel's verdict could come as soon as Friday.

Teacher Joseph Kyle said the "hearing"-- he preferred that term to trial -- opened on Monday in a senior advanced placement government class. The school's principal said he signed off in advance on the subject matter.

At the high school, prosecutors rested on Wednesday following testimony from nine "witnesses," Kyle said. The prosecution list included Khaled El-Masri, a German citizen allegedly tortured by U.S. forces; international human rights attorney Michael Ratner; Larry Wilkerson, chief of staff for former Secretary of State Colin Powell; retired CIA foreign policy analyst Ray McGovern; and U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.
Social Studies teacher Joseph Kyle has been actively brainwashing Parsippany students with his radical ideology. During last year's election cycle, Kyle had his students conduct a series of mock debates for the New Jersey Governor's race. In the student "election" taking place after the Kyle-inspired debates, the Socialist candidate, Tino Rozzo, won on a platform of a $12-per-hour minimum wage and a "socialized healthcare system under workers' and community control".

Students in Kyle's senior AP politics and government class organized the debate and poll, in addition to acting as stand-ins for the gubernatorial candidates. Of course, the candidate for one particular political party was branded an outcast, as the Daily Record (NJ) reported back in November 2005:

Stephanie Foltzer, 18, ably stood in for [Doug] Forrester, though Kyle made it clear that the Republican wasn't a popular choice in her senior class. "The Libertarians were highly desired. So were the Democrats. Nobody wanted to be the Republican," Kyle said.

"Stephanie, who's truly not a conservative, was forced into that role," he said.
It's no mystery why no one in a class of more than one hundred students living in "relatively wealthy, Republican-dominated Morris County" would voluntarily choose to represent Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester. As the evidence clearly shows, they've been inundated with liberal propaganda from socialist relics masquerading as teachers. What I don't understand is why parents of Parsippany High School students are apparently willing to put up with teachers spending their time indoctrinating their children with left-wing ideology rather than teaching the subject at hand.

Let's hope someone speaks out soon. Starting on Tuesday, Kyle's sophomore class will be placing long-deceased President Andrew Jackson on trial for alleged abuses against Native Americans. I guess its time for Parsippany H.S. senior Stephanie Foltzer to play the "bad guy" again.


At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a trial so they aren't just bashing him, they have to defend him too...people who read the newspaper are the ones being brainwashed. The media takes everything out of context, distorts it, and then blows it out of proportion. If they told the truth there'd be no drama. These are AP students, they've researched their arguements and are old enough to think for themselves. It isn't about trying to convict Bush of crimes; it's about researching both sides and how they present the information. What's so wrong about that?

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Da Man said...

It is quite revealing that in Kyle's class of over 100 children, no one wanted to represent the NJ Republican candidate during their mock "election" held earlier. This is the equivalent of flipping a coin and getting heads one hundred plus times in a row. It shouldn't take a statistician to figure out that these mock "trials" and "elections" are rigged. Have you ever heard of a "show trial"?

At 3:14 PM, Anonymous Adam said...

Good job copy/pasting from another blog. Brilliant.

A few corrections:

The Socialists did not win. That was a factual error from the Daily Record. Rather, the Libertarians won (and for the record, the Socialists came in fourth).

Kyle only has about 25 or 30 kids in that class; thus the numbers are a lot smaller. But more importantly, what's so wrong that none of these voting-age kids like the Republicans? Typically, the younger generation prefers liberalism as a breath of fresh air from the older generation. It's a leap of logic to suggest that the teacher had influence.

Finally, if you want to talk show trials, I point you in the direction of Saddam Hussein's trial.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Da Man said...


I linked to no other blogs, only to the Daily Record (NJ). I saw the original link on Drudgereport and saw it fit to comment since I am originally from the area. Please cite my "pasting from another blog", if any plagiarism exists.

As for your assertion that "it's a leap of logic to suggest that the teacher had influence"--it's common sense that even in a class of 25 or 30 persons there would be at least one Republican. Plus a bit of probability and statistics.

I've also been following the trial of Saddam Hussein. That signed death warrant for the 148 residents of Dujail village (including an 11-year-old) sure looks real. In fact, none of the defendants questioned its authenticity. Are saying that its not genuine? Again, please provide your evidence.

Thanks for listening.

At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As for the trials, it is a teaching technique, not indoctrination. As for students leaning left in their ideology, it is a natural extension of their experience. Of course they want a higher minimum wage, it affects them more than any other group. They don't recognize a down side to it, they simply want to make more money - a very capitalistic trait. In regards to socialized medicine, it's what they already have; their parents pay for health care, they don't.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Da Man said...

There is no other purpose to these mock trials other than to indoctrinate the students into liberal group-think. It's a brainwashing technique, plain and simple. The odds of 30 kids all choosing the non-Republican candidate in a random election--given the electoral profile of Parsippany--is about 10 billion-to-1. I would not doubt that many children are selecting the non-Republican choice to get a better grade from teacher Kyle.


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