Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

Jenny's birthday and mine are separated by only 8 days in the beginning of March. Between us, we've accumulated 86 years on earth, which means we've finally surpassed my father's number of birthdays!

As usual, we celebrated by going out to dinner with the Brewster Boys to a couple of our favorite restaurants--Japanese for Jenny and Korean for me. Afterwards, we each got a small cake and candles so that the boys could have a little fun. Then we resumed our usual roles in the house, although on my birthday, I got the night off for story time. I was not, however, excused from my nightly dinosaur attack and Tom & Jerry-a-thon.

Jenny contemplates the perfect birthday wish as the Brewster Boys await the signal to blow out the candles

That's a lot of birthday candles for me!

After the birthday celebration, it's back to simulated dinosaur attacks (with me playing the role of the sauropod) and Tom & Jerry cartoons (see TV in background)


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