Saturday, March 23, 2002

Those Wacky Iraqis - I never believed those news reports that fingered a disgruntled American lab scientist as the most likely source of the anthrax attacks back in the fall of 2001. First of all, the letters were all postmarked from New Jersey, where several of the hijacker/terrorists lived. And then when I heard that the terrorist(s) had sent anthrax-tainted letters to the National Enquirer and the New York Post, I knew that the culprit couldn't be a highly educated scientist-type person. Would an American lab scientist--one capable of producing anthrax and probably the owner of a PhD degree--even consider reading these two papers? Only someone from outside the United States would believe that these publications are influential and (I hate to say this) mainstream.

Throw in the crop duster incident and the report of Mohammed Atta meeting Iraqi agents in Prague, and you have a lot of strongly-correlated circumstantial evidence that points firmly in the direction of Muslim biological terrorism with a possible Iraqi connection. We might just have our smoking gun for invading Iraq. I believe the bio-terrorists still live in northern New Jersey, near the town of Parsippany. Call it an informed hunch from the man who correectly predicted the educational background of the Unabomber (Harvard undergraduate, Berkeley professor).


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