Friday, March 22, 2002

Thank God It's Friday - I'm looking forward to this weekend. I enjoy coming home to a clean house--courtesy of yours truly--and relaxing after a tough week at work. During the week, Jenny usually cooks dinner and I do the dishes and clean the kitchen. We try to eat out only once a week so that we can save money. This past Wednesday night, Jenny didn't feel like cooking, so we ended up eating out at a Hong Kong-style dive in Oakland called D&A Cafe . Nothing to write home about. I don't understand why that restaurant is always so crowded.

Tonight, we had an special treat: dinner at Vi's Restaurant in Oakland. We met Alina and Allen and little Faith for our first dinner at Vi's in two months. During dinner, I committed the faux pas of lifting up Jenny's maternity shirt for a brief glimpse of her pregnant belly. Jenny and Alina gasped, and I wondered what the big deal was. I think Jenny was mad at me the whole night, but held her feelings in check as we feasted on the usual beef noodle soup, five spice chicken and an assortment of spring rolls. She must have remained mad at me, since she proceeded to bop me on the head repeatedly and yell at me when we got back to the car. Either that or she has her own unique way of showing her love to me. Yeah, that's it.

However, Jenny does approve of my blogging. She sent a blast e-mail today to all her friends telling them to read my blog. As a result, my readership has hit an all-time high. Thanks, Jenny!


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