Monday, September 16, 2002

the write stuff - i have decided to concentrate on writing during my break from work. in addition to blogging, i'll be writing longer pieces that i'll try to get published. this may sound surprising to many of my friends and family, but i have always wanted to break the stereotype of the asian computer nerd/engineering major.

for all of my life, i've felt like i've been pigeonholed into certain roles that society has assigned for people like me. take for example my database group at wells fargo, which is 90 percent asian (chinese and indian) but has only been led by white men. never once did they even think of promoting someone from within the group. staying at wells fargo would be nothing but a dead end.

my first project will be chronicling the recent history of the chen family of shaoshing. now that i have my son russell, it's very important for me to know that he's familiar with the background of his parents and grandparents. only yesterday, my cousin zong-feng from beijing e-mailed me a photograph of my grandfather who i had never seen before. there's a story here that needs to be told.


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