Monday, October 28, 2002

Retreads - The Democratic Party, desperate to retain control of the US Senate, is turning to has-beens Walter Mondale and Frank Lautenberg to replace the deceased Paul Wellstone (MN) and the corrupt Bob Torricelli (NJ) respectively. These guys have been out of it for so long, they probably need a refresher course in Ameican history. Here are a few facts for Walter and Frank to remember on the campaign trail:

1. Tear Down This Wall - The Soviet Union no longer exists. Its downfall was brought on and predicted by the 40th President of the US, Ronald W. Reagan.

2. Lower Taxes - The 40th President of the US lowered the top Federal Income Tax Rate from 70 to 31 percent. The 41st (George H.W. Bush) and 42nd Presidents (William J. Clinton) raised the top rate to 36 and 40 percent, respectively.

3. Rape and Other Crimes - The 42nd President was accused of rape or sexual harrassment by four different women. One of these woman, Paula Jones, settled her civil lawsuit with the President for $850,000. During his testimony resulting from the lawsuit, he committed perjury in front of a federal grand jury. The 42nd President also took over $200,000 in furnishings from the White House after he left office, and never reported over $1,000,000 in gifts as required by law. His brother-in-law was paid $400,000 by a convicted cocaine dealer to obtain a Presidental pardon, and he succeeded in getting the pardon signed by the 42nd President.

4. Treaties and Scraps of Paper- The 40th President succeeded in removing and dismantling all intermediate range nuclear missiles from Europe. He and the 41nd President also reduced by 2/3 the number of nuclear warheads held by the US and the former Soviet Union. The 39th (James E. Carter) and 42nd Presidents failed in their efforts to disarm North Korea of nuclear weapons, which violated a treaty negotiated by both men.

5. Gathers No Moss - The Rolling Stones are still performing live concerts, which should be comforting to their fellow retreads, Walter Mondale and Frank Lautenberg.


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