Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Cousin Andrew

It was a busy weekend as we headed down to San Jose to celebrate Cousin Andrew's 4th birthday. There are always plenty of things at the house to keep the boys busy, so I took advantage of our trip down by napping as the boys watched videos and played with some unfamiliar toys around the house. As usual, there was plenty of food and a yummy cake for us to indulge. I also watched college football and chatted with family members and guests.

The boys await the lighting of the birthday cake Posted by Picasa

Cousin Andrew blows a kiss to his birthday cake while Russell wonders what is taking so long Posted by Picasa

The flames finally out, the two 4-year-olds enjoy a slice of birthday cake Posted by Picasa

Punky thinks about whether to try the cake or the mousse first Posted by Picasa

Punky hitches a ride on his Grandmother's back Posted by Picasa

Part of the birthday banquet Posted by Picasa

At the Birthday Dinner table, the boys enjoyed a dinner of chicken, egg and rice Posted by Picasa

A view of the birthday gang Posted by Picasa


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