Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slumdog Date Night

Jenny and I finally broke the string of consecutive weeks without a Date Night. When we finally went to see "Slumdog Millionaire" today, it had been some 24 odd weeks since we went out together without the kids.

At lunch and at the movies, I was tired from all the running around we've done so far this year. But the movie was so different from the usual Hollywood computer-generated garbage, and it was so entertaining that I managed to fight off sleep to watch it from end-to-end. Remember that last year, I only saw 3 movies in their entirety at both the theater AND at home. They were: Tropic Thunder (horrible), Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo (even worse) and Terminator 3 (so-so).

The past several months have been very tough on both of us. Recently, Jenny has been working feverishly to find an adequate school for Russell once it became apparent that his current school was not meeting his needs. This she does in between shuttling the kids to and from school, and Russell to his after-school therapists.

I've been battling the usual malarky at work in addition to trying to get my start-up business off the ground. I come home from work exhausted, but I still manage to clean the kitchen, play with the kids and then put them to sleep. Before the night is over, I'll work on editing Russell videos, work on my side business and maybe go to 24 Fitness before calling it a night at 1AM.

To retain my sanity, I'm taking a sabbatical from work for the entire month of April. I'm hoping things slow down a bit so that Jenny and I can go out on another date. We had a good time today.

Just another reminder of why we're working so hard


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