Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Russell Laments the Loss of Pokemon

As readers of this blog are aware, Russell is a huge Pokemon fan. It was one of the few reliable means for me to verbally engage him on a regular basis--we played games, battled on Nintendo, read books, watched videos and showcased his Pokemon collection. It is one of his pure joys in life

Late last week at school, Russell threatened a teacher with a "body slam", which is an "attack" by his favorite Pokemon Pikachu. Prior to Pokemon, he would typically say he would "hit" someone, if they made him angry, so this was not unusual for him to verbalize in this manner.

Unfortunately, this caused Jenny to overreact by taking away virtually all of his Pokemon--the toys, Nintendo 64 and Pokedex. Russell was quite saddened by this loss, and he reacted by drawing in our bathtub with soap crayons. I hope Jenny reconsiders her drastic move. He cries to me at night when I put him to sleep.

Russell loves "Hitmonlee", and a representation of his blue drawer, which formally contained his Pokemon collection (three circles are the knobs)

To the right are several Magnemites, and a pokeball on the bottom left


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Felice Luftschein said...

Ahh, like all discipline you always regret it immediately but you can't back down or they don't learn whatever valuable lesson you are trying to teach.
Will Jenny come here and discipline our boys? They could use it.


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