Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Weight Watchers - In ten days of dieting, I’ve already lost 6 pounds. I was so pleased with myself that I went out and had a hot dog for breakfast. And a hamburger for lunch. Eating nothing but soup, fruit and a few fig newtons every day at work can get pretty monotonous. I now weigh 188 pounds—that’s less than Monica Lewinsky. Speaking of Monica…

The Clinton Legacy - In the days since Clinton left the White House, Democratic spinmeisters have been working overtime to sell the public on the positive aspects of Bill Clinton’s Presidency. In Texas, the Clinton Legacy has rubbed off on group of elementary school students: they’re now giving each other blow jobs.

In interviews with police, the boys -- all ages 9 and 10 -- admitted the acts took place last fall and again in February, said Marble Falls police Capt. Robert Sooter. "Obviously, this is some kind of learned behavior, and it's our job to learn where it came from," Sooter said.



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