Thursday, September 19, 2002

a day in the life - russell is now three months old. he is an enormous baby. at his doctor's check-up yesterday, he weighed 17 pounds (7.5 kg) and measured 26 inches long (66 cm). the circumference of his head grew 2.5 cm in only one month. he's in the 95th percentile in height and weight for his age. i think its the mother's milk that's making him grow so quickly.

jenny plans to feed him breast milk until he is 6 months old. since she's returning to work in exactly one month, that means she'll have to pump milk at the office for at least 2 months. i feel badly that she has to work full-time, which she must do since i quit my job at wells fargo. i'd much rather have her work part-time and spend more time with the baby. hopefully, i'll be able to find work quickly, allowing jenny to perform her motherly duties.

until then, we'll be cutting back on expenses by eating out less, staying at home and delaying the upgrades on the house. i'll also be using this iraqi computer until it dies, so don't expect to see me type any capital letters for some time.


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