Saturday, September 21, 2002

i know what you did last summer - here's just another example of how liberals are sowing the seeds for the destruction of the united states. defense lawyers for the 'buffalo six', the arab-americans believed to be part of an al-qaeda sleeper cell located in upstate ny, are arguing that their attendance at an afghan terrorist training camp sponsored by osama bin laden does not constitute a crime or intent to commit terrorist acts. aided by civil liberties lawyers, the defense may argue that joining the terrorist al-qaeda group is a form of political expression protected by the first amendment. two of the six defendants admit that they were at bin laden's camps, but claim they were duped into attending them.

the fact that none of the defendants reported their 'summer camp' experiences to us government authorities, and appear to have been recently passing coded e-mail messages to contacts in the middle east is disturbing enough. what makes me shudder is that all of the five terrorist suspects in custody were born in the united states and are registered democrats.

is there any doubt that these mohammed atta-wannabees all voted for al gore and hillary clinton?


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