Wednesday, October 30, 2002

life is beautiful, part 2 - looking back at these past 3 weeks at home, i am overjoyed that i have been given this chance to be at home with my son, russell. nearly every day i notice something new about him. yesterday he began sticking out his tongue at me and jenny. last week he began babbling incoherently, but in a steady stream of sounds that lasted at least 10 minutes. i managed to capture that event on video tape.

this past weekend, russell met his new cousin, andrew, for the first time. placing the babies side-by-side, i could not help but notice that russell looked enormous next to the newborn. in fact, he was nearly triple the weight of his cousin. we already have so many baby clothes that no longer fit after he wore them only a few times.

in three weeks, we will all be heading to new jersey for thanksgiving. i am looking forward to introducing russell to his grandparents, aunts & uncles and very excited cousins. it should be a blast.


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