Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Big Night - What an amazing night for George W. Bush and the Republicans! Historically, the party that captures the presidency almost always loses seats in the next Congressional election, an average of 30 House seats and 10 Senate seats. Once again, Bush 43 has managed to defy the "experts" in the media by retaking the Senate and adding to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. I would also add that Jeb Bush easily won re-election as Governor of Florida. This is a crushing defeat for Bill Clinton's New Democratic Party. The lamps & ashtrays are flying in Chappaqua tonight!

Today's election results show that Bush really won the 2000 election. The entire ballot controversy in Florida was nothing but a construct of the DNC and its co-conspirators. With the help of the liberal mass media, they tried to convince the rest of the nation that the Florida election was stolen. Today, the American (and Florida) electorate spoke out in no uncertain terms that the 2000 election really did belong to George Bush.

God bless America, and good night.


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