Tuesday, November 19, 2002

So Many Lies - Give Bill Clinton credit for being consistent. Not only was he a liar in the Oval Office, but he is apparently also a cheater on the golf course. The Orange County Register reports that Clinton recently hacked his way through a pro-am tournament in Orange County by invoking mulligans galore and playing by his own set of rules.

The man is pathetic. He cheats at golf, cheats at life, cheats on his wife, his party, his Presidency, his country and his family. His golf game is a metaphor for his life - short cuts, dishonesty, lack of talent and unwillingness to invest even minimal effort to learn something new. Clinton should have had OJ Simpson as a golfing partner. Then the two of them could have gone looking for women to hack together.

I wonder if he has a Secret Service flunky run ahead after he hits a shot, and place the ball closer to the hole for him. I can't imagine a worse job than being a Secret Service agent assigned to this pile of worthless dung.


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