Sunday, November 17, 2002

Weekend Update - We spent most of Sunday at Jenny's sister's house in San Jose for our nephew Andrew's one month birthday party. Most of Jenny's sisters were there, as were her aunts and uncles on the father's side. Russell had a similar party when he turned one month old. Following Chinese tradition, Jenny's mom made a pungent concoction of picked pigs' feet, ginger and eggs that all of the older generation eats like birthday cake at a Western-style celebration. I didn't eat much because I don't like pigs' feet and also because I am on a diet (once again).

The good news is that all of Jenny's aunts and uncles think I am a good father, given Russell's good health and jolly nature. The bad news is that I have no viable job prospects for the near future. Part of the problem is that I don't have much time for job-hunting during the weekdays when I am minding Russell. But as luck would have it, Jenny's mom just got laid off from her job and will be taking over baby-sitting duties at the beginning of December. Wish me luck.


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