Monday, December 23, 2002

axis of evil, indeed - two articles sum up the latest threats to civilization as we know it. we may now be closer to nuclear war than ever before. this is scary stuff. where is james bond when you need him?

Desperate efforts began yesterday to head off the growing Korean crisis as Pyongyang and Washington continued to talk up the tension. -snip- Pyongyang has issued a series of threats, including one to "destroy the earth" if the US resorted to nuclear war against it. - The Guardian

In the past five years, Iran has used a web of phony trading companies to obscure an increasingly sophisticated drive to secretly build large facilities that could produce the materials needed for nuclear weapons, according to U.S. government officials and information obtained by an Iranian opposition group. Two recently disclosed sites, near the cities of Natanz and Arak south of Tehran, appear designed to help produce enriched uranium or plutonium, the fissile material needed for nuclear weapons. - Washington Post

remember when people wondered why bush included north korea and iran in the axis of evil? they have their answer, i'd say. some people believe that north korea and iran should be the primary focus of our current 'regime change' efforts. of course, these people just don't get it. you see, the thing is, it's better to head off a potential nuclear threat before it becomes an actual nuclear threat. that way, you have one less nuclear threat to worry about.

i believe that we will take out the axis of evil in this order: iraq, iran and north korea. we simply cannot afford to wait much longer.


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