Sunday, December 01, 2002

home sweet home - we've just returned from our trip back to the east coast to visit my family. it was a very eventful trip. we saw a lot of people, ate a tremendous amount of food and slept very little during our stay. although we had a good time, jenny and i were happy to be home. there's nothing like lounging around in your own house and sleeping in your own bed.

russell met his east coast aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. he was remarkably well behaved on this trip, even during the 15 plus hours we spent at the airports or in transit. he seems to enjoy meeting new people. even on the plane, he was smiling at complete strangers sitting atound us. definitely not a shy little boy.

we also paid thanksgiving visits to my aunt nancy and my neighbor mrs. drew. it might have been the final time that i will get to see them, since both of them have terminal cancer. they were both grateful for our visit, which brought out a flood of memories from both of them. i'm happy to say that they had a chance to meet russell, who clearly enjoyed meeting them.


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