Thursday, November 21, 2002

do as i say, not as i do - canada's energy minister, herb dhaliwal, has been recently pushing for his country's ratification of the kyoto climate change treaty. if implemented, the kyoto protocol would require countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases suspected of contributing to global warming.

So what does Canada's natural resources minister drive when he's not pushing ratification of the Kyoto climate change protocol? Minister Herb Dhaliwal confessed that, well, he has two Volvos and two sport utility vehicles -- General Motors 4x4s, to be precise. One pair for Ottawa and one pair for his home in Vancouver.

this is typical liberal behavior. it is perfectly all right for the rest of you to shiver in the winter, drive ricketly little cars, and sweat bullets in the summer. but heck, why in the world should I, a liberal minister, do any of that stuff I voted for? folks it is time to start paying attention to what your representatives say, but more importantly what they actually do.


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