Wednesday, November 20, 2002

weight watchers - jenny and i are on one of those high-fat, low carbohydrate diets that have recently been in the news. we've stopping eating bread, rice, pasta, cereal, juice and sweets while increasing the amount of eggs, cheese and meat in our diet. after around a week on the diet, i've already lost 4 pounds. it's really pretty amazing to be on a diet where you eat a big wedge of cheese if you are hungry.

for breakfast, i'll have around 4 strips of bacon and 2 eggs. for lunch, it's usually a hamburger--sans bun--and some veggies. and then for diinner, jenny usually prepares some meat along with some more veggies. as a snack, i'll have a piece of fruit or some cheese. i'll have to admit that my body knows that something is different about this diet--i had a low-grade headache for the first three or four days of this diet. luckily, i'm feeling better now.

i have some incentive for losing weight. jenny says that if i go down to 170 lbs., she'll go to las vegas with me. i'm really trying hard this time.


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