Wednesday, December 11, 2002

job hunt update - now that jenny's mom is here during most weekdays, i am free to search for jobs on the internet. it's not a pleasant thing to do. for one thing, my iraqi laptop has a tendency to crash around every ten minutes. if i am in the middle of submitting my resume during a crash, that means i have to start the process all over again. it also sucks not to have a fast processor--i think this is a 90 mhz pentium, which is around 10 times slower than today's models. finally, i have only 300 mb of usuable hard disk space at any given time. this means that i have to frequently clean up the hard drive to provide for swap space. i think it's called swap space.

still, i have been applying for approximately 10 positions a day for the past 7 weekdays. i believe that i can get a response rate of around 0.5 percent, which means i might get one callback for every 200 resumes that i submit. during my last job search, i received five callbacks after sending out 300 resumes. i estimate that i'll need to send out 1000 resumes for a single job offer. i'm in this for the long haul. i have no choice, since no one has offered to help me to find a job as an 'insider'. it's somewhat disheartening to know that i've helped over 100 people get jobs and into college/graduate school, yet no one--except for kristen-- has offered to go to bat for me. such is life.

i did recently get a bottle of cologne from someone that i helped four years ago to illegally emigrate to canada. i don't wear cologne, though. maybe it's a hint that i have 'b-o'.


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