Tuesday, December 03, 2002

you reap what you sow - back in the days of monica and the impeachment, some of bill clinton's most ardent defenders were the students and faculty of the university of california's boalt law school (berkeley). now, the liberal-leaning law school community is learning that they have a sexual predator in their midst, and he is none other than the dean of the law school. the lurid details of the incident sound eerily similar to that of bubba and his mistress, with the dean (john dwyer) claiming that the encounter was consensual and not "sexual intercourse".

While he used her bathroom, the woman, who was "very intoxicated," passed out on her bed, Stevens (the lawyer) said. When she woke up, she discovered that her panty hose had been removed, and her skirt and shirt were pushed up, she said. Dwyer had his head on her chest and his fingers in her vagina, the lawyer said.

berkeley liberals, having made their pact with the devil (clinton), now find themselves in an awkward position of trying to defend the conduct of now ex-dean dwyer, a supporter of environmental and liberal causes. there's at least one key difference between dwyer and bubba: the dean had the guts to resign.


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