Thursday, December 05, 2002

Attention Shoppers, Death to the Jews - Shoppers at San Francisco's Rainbow Grocery Cooperative are finding that politics has now hit the supermarket aisles. Citing their support of "freedom for Palestinians and all people", two departments at the Coop, Bulk Foods and Package Goods, have voted to remove all products from their shelves that are imported from Israel. No word yet on whether the Coop is considering a boycott of goods made in Arab dictatorships, which of course is a moot point since the Arab world isn't capable of producing and exporting anything other than petroleum, dates and camel dung.

Is Rainbow boycotting any other countries, such as that champeen of human rights abuses, China? The answer is no. Worker/owner Cyrus Heiduska explained that China sells too many products, and often much cheaper than goods from other countries.

So why the Israeli boycott? Heiduska said that store workers knew that both sides had committed atrocities, but they wanted to show solidarity with "the most oppressed party."

Liberals, whom as we know, invoke 'tolerance', 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' as their social footings are now holding the Israelis solely responsible for Middle East terrorism. Apparently 'diversity' does not apply to thought, only skin color, the liberal's ongoing obsession. Also of note, many if not most of Liberalism's loudest sycophants happen to be Jewish. Is this the same type 'self-loathing' that we hear so much about whenever Clarence Thomas is mentioned?

This 'Frisco (they hate the name 'frisco'..sounds so much like Crisco, which they sell a lot of out there) phenomenon is worthy of mention to every Jew I know. Someone needs to ask American Jews why they remain so predominantly liberal, given the hate openly and systematically demonstrated towards them in America's most 'tolerant' city. I just can't figure how an intelligent Jewish voter can possibly vote for a DemonRAT.


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