Monday, December 16, 2002

I Had A Plan - Ever get a popcorn hull stuck in your throat and, no matter how much hacking you do, you can't dislodge it? Bill Cinton is just like that...he just will not go away. He keeps hoping he will say something that will give him a legacy and the Nobel Peace Prize that he believes is rightfully his.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said Sunday he had warned North Korea in 1994 the United States would destroy its nuclear reactor unless it agreed to freeze its operations. "We drew up plans to destroy the reactor," Clinton said, and he told Pyongyang the facility would be attacked unless it were frozen.

Speaking at a dinner for Dutch businessmen and public figures, the former President said it was more likely North Korean would use the nuclear issue to bargain for more aid, rather than put weapons on the market. "Make no mistake about it, it has to be ended," Clinton said. "You do not want North Korea making bombs and selling them to the highest bidder."

Apparently, Clinton did a lot of planning during his tenure as President, but took little action. He has had more ideas on running this country since leaving 2 years ago, then he had in 8 years in office. How envious of George W. Bush and even Jimmy Carter (2002 Nobel Peace Prize winner) is this sick puppy? Well, he's even trying to sound like President Bush, with his "Make no mistake about it" schtick. And let's not forget his many "I Had A Plan" speeches, which somehow doesn't have the same ring as "I Have a Dream".

What I am wondering is how is this story going to affect the Nobel committee, when they hear that Bubba was planning for war back in 1994? I thought Clinton was a man of peace.


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