Sunday, August 28, 2005

Dragon Boat Race Weekend

Outside of my family and work, my proudest achievement has been the creation of the California Dragon Bost Association and the nurturing of the San Francisco International Dragon Boat Championships. In just ten years, the organization has grown to become the largest dragon boat association in the United States, hosting the largest dragon boat race in the US as well. We've also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, and allowed thousands of high school students to participate in this ancient Chinese sport for free. In dragon boat circles, I am known as the "Thomas Jefferson of dragon boating" for my work in getting the organization and race off the ground during the period 1998-2002.

Since the kids were born, I've been basically missing in action when it comes to dragon boating. This year, I only attended one race all year--today's races at Treasure Island in San Francisco. What a beautiful venue. What awesome people I saw again today, especially some old friends from teams I have both raced with and against. I hope to return once again to the sport not just as an announcer, but as a paddler.

The race venue, at Treasure Island in San Francisco, offered a spectacular view of the Bay Bridge Posted by Picasa

We've hit the big time: the Goodyear blimp covered our races this year Posted by Picasa

My dragon boat broadcast partner, Mr. Brett Byers, announces a race Posted by Picasa

My old friends from the Concord Pacific Flying Dragons of Vancouver, Darby and Fred, stopped by the race announcers booth (I'm wearing the wireless microphone in the middle) Posted by Picasa


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