Tuesday, September 06, 2005

That's One Small Step for Punky, One Giant Leap for the Brewster Boys

The big news in the Chen household is that Punky is now walking around the house, like a miniature version of a drunken sailor. As you can see from the photos below, Punky is a rather talented and outspoken little fellow. His brother Russell now has competition for most things, including toys and food. Their fights can get quite heated, although Russell sometimes plays the good older brother and allows Punky to have his way.

Punky strolls out of the bathroom after tossing his daily quota of rubber ducks into the bathtub Posted by Picasa

Punky suspends a Hot Wheels truck in midair Posted by Picasa

Punky is mesmerized by the television coverage of Hurricane Katrina Posted by Picasa

Punky reacts to criticism of President Bush from NPR/Democratic hack Mara Liasson on Fox News Posted by Picasa

Clutching his yellow Play-Doh egg, Russell wonders what all the fuss is about Posted by Picasa


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