Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Punky Report

I find it hard to believe that Punky is now about the same age as Russell was when his younger brother was born. It seems like only yesterday that Russell was a little rascal scooting around his immobile baby brother in his bouncy chair.

As Punky grows up, we can see a clear difference between him and his brother Russell at the same age. Punky is now a month past 2 years old, and he is beginning to speak in phrases and babble constantly. He also maintains good eye contact and exhibits social play skills with other children. Russell did not begin speaking until he was nearly three years old and still remains aloof with strangers and most other non-family members.

For the forseeable future, Punky will stay at home with Jenny while Russell is at school. Punky is eating by himself already, and we are about to try and getting him to sleep in his newly-decorated bedroom (see photo below). He has yet to begin potty training, but I think we will begin that shortly as a money-saving measure.

Punky's bedroom with "Jungle" theme Posted by Picasa

Punky plays with a Leap Frog toy at Cousin Andrew's house Posted by Picasa

Punky tries to get his Grandmother's attention at the kitchen counter Posted by Picasa

Punky watches "The Little Mermaid" on the living room sofa Posted by Picasa


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