Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Weekend for the Weary

Now that I am a parent, weekends don't hold the same alure as they used to. Whereas I once looked forward to Saturdays and Sundays with glee, today I am somewhat indifferent to them. The reason is because I actually get less rest on the weekends than I do on weekdays.

We've been keeping a busy schedule these days. Lately, we've been trying to catch up with so many friends and relatives that we are constantly on the go, either hosting lunches and dinners, or attending them as guests. And yes, I've gained back almost half the weight I lost earlier this year. Blame it on restaurant food and my lack of self-control.

If I were a Democrat, I could also blame President Bush for my expanding waistline. It's that new Food Pyramid from the Federal Government--I'm soooooo confused!!! Damn you, Chimpy McBush Haliburton Hitler!


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