Sunday, October 15, 2006

To Chinatown With Grandma

Jenny's mom likes to come to Chinatown as often as possible to shop for groceries. This time, we went with her for lunch and a trip to the bank. Lunch at the Happy Cafe was cheap. A hot dog, fried egg, noodle soup, toast and a drink was only $3.50. While Punky flirted with the waitresses, Russell pilfered Punky's fried egg. I think we will eat here more often.

Grandma Sui takes Punky and Russell on a tour of Oakland's Chinatown Posted by Picasa

Punky takes a sip of lemonade Posted by Picasa

Russell enjoys his fried egg at the Happy Cafe Posted by Picasa

Punky places his order for fried eggs, sausage (a hot dog, actually) and toast Posted by Picasa


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