Thursday, March 28, 2002

D is for Dumb - Like most liberals, Nicholas D. Kristof is determined to make the world a better place, and he would like to achieve this goal by using the tool of torts. The American legal system is littered with examples. Cigarettes are bad, therefore sue the Phillip Morris Company. Guns are bad, sue Colt Industries. Fatty foods are bad, so get ready to sue Burger King. You get the picture.

Liberals and real Americans do agree on one thing: Saddam Hussein is bad. However, we seem to disagree on the method of his removal. In the liberal tradition, Kristof proposes his solution to the Iraqi problem: Sue Saddam.

"Let's launch an effort to prosecute him for crimes against humanity. This would destabilize his regime at home, encourage more defections of Iraqi officials and military officers, and increase the prospect of a coup that -- best-case scenario -- would render an invasion unnecessary."

In the bizarro Kristof universe, American soldiers would go into battle armed with...a court summons. Which would make the US by far the most heavily-armed country in the world--even without guns.

Full Disclosure - I am the owner of 22 shares of Phillip Morris. I also had a Burger King Chicken Sandwich (without cheese, Jenny) for lunch.


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