Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Punky!

Today is my little boy Punky's 3rd birthday. Unlike most people we know, we've been celebrating the kids' birthdays with small gatherings of family and friends. We go to so many over-the-top birthday parties that its easy to go with the flow and get carried away. A low-key party with just a few people is just what we need. That way I don't get frazzled with entertaining a dozen or so kids along with their parents. And I can spend some quality time with the boys.

For Punky's birthday, we went over to my cousin's apartment and had dinner and cake. The kids enjoyed going to swim in her pool. Unfortunately, my cousin's kids were away with their father (she's divorced). But the apartment was full of toys that entertained the kids, along with my aunt and uncle who are good with Russell and Punky.

Punky has developed quite a personality since he began talking up a storm recently. He even speaks Chinese! Tomorrow, his preschool with be holding a birthday party for him, and Jenny will be on hand to serve birthday cake to the kids and take pictures. I'll try to post some.

Punky smiles!

Punky as we sang "Happy Birthday to You"

Russell checks out the birthday cake

Jenny cuts the cake as my aunt watches

Punky with one of his birthday presents (the shark)

Monday, August 06, 2007

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