Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Summer to Remember, Part 5

Next, we visited my friend Jeff and his family on Long Island. I hadn't seen him in years. The kids enjoyed the visit, and surprisingly, we're afraid of their 2 dogs.

A Summer to Remember, Part 4

After a week at the beach, we went home and celebrated Punky and Jimmy's birthdays at my parents house. All the Chen, Pupalaikis, Chang and Myers cousins were there.

A Summer to Remember, Part 3

At night, we went to the beach to catch some more waves, which the kids loved. It's really great to stay at a beach house that's next to the ocean.

A Summer to Remember, Part 2

Later in the week, we discovered that a water park was located only 5 minutes further south on the island. Rather than spend another day at the beach, we decided to try the water park. I was glad we did. It was a lot of fun and the kids got a thrill out of sliding down a long water slide and a series of lazy rivers. Although we were there only 2 hours, I'd have to say it was probably the highlight our trip. That and the fishing and the wave hopping we did on the beach. And don't forget the sea shell collecting and sand castle building. We'll be back again next summer (2010)!