Wednesday, November 28, 2007

San Diego Trip Report, Day 1

Russell investigates the science of hearing at the Fleet Science Center

Punky wonders how insects use their antennae

A display at the San Diego Model Railroad Museum

Punky inspects a model railroad display at San Diego's Model Railroad Museum

The Brewster Boys lounge around in the hotel room after our first day in San Diego

We spent Thanksgiving weekend for a well-deserved and long-anticipated mini-vacation in San Diego. Our goals for the long weekend were visits to the San Diego Zoo, Legoland and the Scripps Aquarium. We also wanted to tour Balboa Park, take a boat ride around San Diego Harbor and see Coronado's famous Hotel del Coronado.

On Day One, we arrived in San Diego at noon and promptly checked in at Homewood Suites in Liberty Station (Naval base). We then proceeded to Balboa Park where we checked out the San Diego Model Railroad Museum (an excellent choice) and the Reuben Fleet Science Center (not so hot). We ended the evening with an IMAX film at the Science Center called "Sea Monsters".

A not-so-pleasant thing happened to us at the IMAX film. Approximately halfway through the 40-minute film, Russell started to get impatient and began to giggle and poke his brother Punky. Russell's actions--typical of an autistic kid--triggered an angry response from a nearby patron. Russell's actions were barely noticable in a crowded movie theater. Unfortunately, we were sitting next to a deranged individual--in the guise of a moviegoer--who proceeded to curse openly and call Jenny horrible names. We tried to defuse the situation, but the she-witch kept screaming expletives at our family.

After the movie, the beast followed us out of the theater whereupon Jenny lit into the woman like a mother bear protecting her cubs. I don't think the person expected Jenny to fight back, so she became startled and backed off. Obviously, this individual had little experience with kids, so we brushed off this incident as a one-time occurrence with a disturbed person. Still, it was an unpleasant encounter, and placed a bad taste in our mouths throughout the trip.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at Jenny's sister's and mom's house in San Jose. Jenny cooked veal for the main dish along with a veggie dish, and we picked up a pre-cooked turkey dinner at Safeway (which was surprisingly good). The other dishes were from Costco. It seems that no one has time to cook these days.

Prior to that, both Russell and Punky had Thanksgiving luncheons at their respective schools. I attended Punky's Thanksgiving feast, which was held the Saturday before the holiday. I think the boys are beginning to understand the meaning of the holiday, which is good.

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over.

At Punky's school, the Thanksgiving lunch was hot dogs, which Punky points out isn't 100% pure beef

The boys inside Cousin Andrew's Spiderman tent

Jenny gets ready to carve the Safeway turkey

The Thanksgiving dinner table, prior to Costco dishes

Russell after finishing his dinner of chicken, eggs and rice