Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Brewster Boys

You may have noticed the lack of updates lately. That's because our computer died earlier this month (a 1-year old HP laptop). I'm using the old back-up computer now. This also means that I can't post photos until the new computer arrives from Dell until mid-January. So our annual Merry Christmas message to will have to wait for photos!

The recent news includes Russell mastering riding a bicycle for the first time in November, and Punky playing a computer game for the first time as well. We haven't done much these past few months because we are trying to save money for Russell's private school tuition. Like most Americans, we are feeling the pinch due to the financial downturn that began in September. But we are doing better than most people because we made some good investment decisions dating back a decade ago. Plus we've never lived beyond our means.

As for Christmas, we spent it at Sui Headquarters in San Jose, where the boys had a good time playing with the cousins and watching Tom & Jerry cartoons. A few weeks ago, we began attending a local church to give the boys exposure to Christianity and because we missed having some spirituality in our lives. So far, so good. Jenny and I have had some excellent conversations about Jesus and the role that religion should have in the boys' lives.