Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween from the Brewster Boys

Among the kiddie crowd, Halloween ranks only second to Christmas on the list of important holidays. I can see why this is so. I still remember what I wore for my kindergarden Halloween pageant (I wore a store-bought clown costume). Heck, I still remember parts of the script for the Halloween pageant some 39 years later!

This year, Russell and Punky started campaigning for their Halloween costumes during the summer time. While Russell always wanted to be Pikachu, Punky's choice moved from cowboy to mummy to Batman to a skeleton. Had Halloween been a week later, I'm sure he would have changed his mind once more.

Once again, we trick-or-treated away from our street in order to avoid the hoardes of Oaklanders that descend upon our Alameda neighborhood. We spent the evening at the home of Jenny's friend who lives on nearby Bay Farm Island, where we walked around the block to collect candy prior to having dinner. Russell and Punky really enjoyed having candy placed into their plastic pumpkins. They also didn't seem to mind when I confiscated all their candy and gave them yogurt to eat that night.

So, it's really about dressing up and getting something for free.

Punky and Russell get ready for trick-or-treating

Punky as a spooky skeleton

Russell met another Pikachu during trick-or-treating

Russell relaxes after an evening of trick-or-treating

Punky inspects his Halloween haul